On-Call Team Best Practices

On-call team best practices consists of the configuration of digital schedules and rotations, ensuring that the on-call workload is evenly distributed among team members and groups.

Since responsibilities are rotated and are represented in the digital schedule, no one person is responsible for all IT outages, minimizing alert fatigue and burnout in the process.

At its core, these functionalities keep on-call team members motivated, while allowing organizations to increase employee retention rates.

On-call team best practices

OnPage: A Must-Have Solution 

Check out this one-minute video to see the consequences of engineer burnout and how OnPage’s incident alert management solution puts an end to the problem.

on call reminder

OnPage On-Call Reminders

Before an on-call shift begins, tasked persons will receive an on-call reminder alert on the OnPage app. OnPage on-call reminders prevent on-call shifts from being forgotten.

Reminders can be configured exclusively on the OnPage Enterprise Gold package! Want to learn more? Contact us!

With more companies insisting on 24/7 support, on-call duty for IT professionals is becoming the norm.

If IT professionals are not available when downtime arises, the costs are huge. According to a study by Aberdeen Research Group, just one hour of downtime can cost a small business $6,900!

In this white paper, we offer advice on:

  • The processes that need to be set in place before an incident occurs
  • The best way to organize your team
  • Simple digitizing and automation that leads to better workflow

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On-call team best practices