eBook: Improving Care Decisions With OnPage's EHR Integrations

Today’s hospitals experience fragmented communications and delayed patient care orders.

Fortunately, OnPage continuously explores new ways to streamline care team workflows. One such advancement comes from OnPage’s electronic health record (EHR) integrations, as an effort to leverage the wealth of information that EHRs hold.

Discover how OnPage’s EHR integrations equip teams with real-time, contextual information to improve care decisions and patient treatment:

EHR Integrations

Video: OnPage’s Integration With OpenEMR



The OnPage-OpenEMR integration goes beyond sending information back and forth between a mobile device and OpenEMR. It includes the ability to send detailed, contextual, high-priority intelligent alerts to the care team within seconds, so that when a time-sensitive event, such as when a STAT order or a lab result is detected on the system, the care team is instantly notified on mobile. No more logging into EHR systems multiple times in a day to keep track of important patient-related updates!