How to Enhance ConnectWise Ticketing through Critical Alerting

Enhance ConnectWise Ticketing through Critical Alerting

For MSPs, ConnectWise ticketing  enables MSPs to keep track of changes in ongoing incidents. MSPs leverage tools like ConnectWise to set a wide range of conditions that allows them to closely monitor their clients’ infrastructure.

While you can catalog an incident by creating a ticket through ConnectWise, there is very little you can do to better manage the incident by simply using tickets. Furthermore, with current ConnectWise workflows, you are only able to receive a text or email when a ticket is created. This limitation inhibits a virtuous workflow.

The following white paper details five methods for enhancing your ConnectWise ticketing workflow through critical alerting. Critical alerting allows ConnectWise users to no longer use the cloud-based system as just a ticketing system.

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