Critical Notification Platform Overrides Mute Switch on iOS

OnPage Incident Alert Management and Pager Replacement Overrides Silent Switch on iOS and Do Not Disturb Mode With Software Release Version 7.4


WALTHAM, Mass., May 27, 2020 — OnPage Corporation, a Boston-based incident alert management and pager replacement vendor, today released software version 7.4, enabling OnPage high-priority, critical alerts to override the silent switch on iOS and Do Not Disturb (DND) mode. OnPage is now one of the very few incident alerting services to override these iOS settings.

The latest software release ensures that all OnPage high-priority, critical alerts are addressed and heard regardless of one’s device configurations. At its core, the OnPage release ensures business continuity with the promise of never missing critical notifications. OnPage is leveraged by organizations worldwide including the US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom, Germany, the Netherlands, and many more in healthcare, IT services, transportation, education, and oil & gas industries to name a few. In the unlikely case that an OnPage audible alert is missed, the critical notification will escalate to the next on-call recipient, ensuring that high-priority issues are always addressed and resolved promptly.

Prior to the latest release, OnPage high-priority alerts on iOS were muted by the iPhone’s silent switch, while iOS’s DND mode paused all audible notifications or calls when one’s device was locked. These system limitations were synonymous with missed critical alerts and delayed incident resolution. In response to a growing number of requests from users, and after substantial negotiations with Apple Inc., OnPage reached an agreement with Apple, allowing the alerting vendor to override iOS’s silent switch and DND mode.

“At OnPage, we’re always responsive to the needs of our customers and user pain points,” said OnPage CEO Judit Sharon. “The OnPage application has overridden the silence switch on Android since its initial release and now we can do the same on iOS. We’re proud to be one of the few incident alerting services to override the iPhone’s silent switch and DND mode. Regardless of one’s iOS settings, our alerting communication tool will always be heard on iPhone, ensuring that OnPage critical issues are addressed and resolved promptly.”

OnPage is pleased to release the latest version of its software, addressing common iOS limitations. The latest edition meets the needs of today’s response teams, and differentiates the OnPage service from other alerting providers.

About OnPage

OnPage’s incident alert management system is trusted by IT, MSP and Healthcare professionals and provides the industry’s only ALERT-UNTIL-READ notification capabilities, ensuring that critical messages are never missed. OnPage enables organizations to get the most out of their digital investments, so that sensors, monitoring systems and people have a reliable way to escalate urgent notifications to the right person immediately.

OnPage’s escalation, redundancy and scheduling features make the system infinitely more reliable and secure than emails, text messages and phone calls. OnPage shrinks resolution time by automating the notification process, reducing human errors and prioritizing critical messages to ensure fast response times.

Whether to minimize IT infrastructure downtime or to reduce the response time of healthcare providers in life and death situations, organizations trust OnPage for all their secure, HIPAA-compliant, critical notification needs.

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