ConnectWise Manage Integration Feature: Manage Stakeholders With Email Gateway

ConnectWise Manage integration: OnPage has developed an exciting new feature for MSPs called The E-mail Gateway which brings together, ConnectWise Manage, The ConnectWise Email Connector and OnPage incident management system.

OnPage instantaneously creates a connection between the client, the ticket created in ConnectWise Manage and the incident responder using OnPage. This enables MSP’s clients to communicate with the responder by using the email gateway.

ConnectWise Manage Integration Email connector

What is the Email Connector?

ConnectWise Email Connector is a ConnectWise add-on that simplified client communication. Emails from your clients are automatically turned into a new service ticket or appended to an existing ticket in your ConnectWise Service Boards. Using this feature ConnectWise users can do the following:

  • Send an email to create and update Service Tickets
  • Create Service Tickets through any email alert or alarm
  • Enable Closed Loop client and resource communication

Email Gateway = ConnectWise Email Connector + OnPage

The need for the Email Gateway

The e-mail gateway is a feature developed from the suggestions of our MSP customers. MSPs prefer to not give their clients access to their ConnectWise Manage instance. However, in order to give clients live updates they invariably had to provide access. This was not only impractical but also cumbersome.
More MSP clients began to clamor for status updates and an ability to reach the responder as they pleased. MSPs needed to rely on emails, phone calls and SMS to keep all concerned parties aware of what was happening. Most of the time, phone and SMS updates went unrecorded and in the end there was no real way of cataloging the conversation for posterity.

How it works

In the ConnectWise Manage integration, OnPage instantaneously creates connections with the client, the ticket created in ConnectWise Manage and the incident responder using OnPage. This enables the MSP’s clients to communicate with the responder by using the email gateway.

• Step one: A ConnectWise Manage ticket is created detailing an incident. This action pushes out:

  • An email to the client notifying them that a ticket has been created and that a communication channel is opened for them
  • An OnPage alert is sent to the Incident responder’s OnPage application. The alert mirrors the content of the ConnectWise Manage ticket.
  • Note: An email sent by the client requesting an update on an incident can initiate the creation of a ticket or update an existing ticket. Both actions notify the incident responder via an alert sent to the OnPage application.

• Step two: At this point the responder, through the OnPage application, can:

  • update the status of the ticket
  • add notes to the incident ticket
  • assign the incident to another responder
  • notify other responders to collaborate on the incident
  • escalate the incident ticket to another responder or group
  • notify the client of the incident status by setting up all ticket updates to automatically update the client via email.

• Step three: All communications from the client who uses email and the responder who uses OnPage are captured in the ConnectWise Manage ticket as notes.

Benefits of using OnPage with the ConnectWise Manage Email connector:

  • Save time and consolidate communications by creating an immediate link between the client and the incident responder.
  • Avoid giving access to your ConnectWise Mange instance to clients who want updates.
  • Ensure event communications are captured in the ticket from both the client and the incident responder.
  • Provide full event visibility with time stamped notes.
  • Maintain accountability.
  • Allow clients to use email rather than another medium of communication.

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