The true costs of antiquated pager technology

OnPage improves clinical communication

With OnPage, you will improve your existing communications and provide your healthcare teams with the ability to:

  • Centralize communications and bring medical teams onto one easy to use communications platform.
  • Access 100% HIPAA compliant communications
  • Receive alerts up-to 5 times faster than pagers, without foregoing built-in rich messaging and attachments. Alerts are persistent alerts and continue for up to 8 hours
  • OnPage provides on-call scheduling for doctors, pager functionality and internal communication for healthcare personnel.

OnPage Incident Management System

Download our white paper: Secret Cost of Pagers

Our newest white paper The Secret Cost of Pagers looks at these and several other unforeseen costs that result from pager use such as:

  • The cost of supporting legacy technology
  • The cost of providing immediate and persistent alerting
  • The cost of HIPAA violations

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Secret cost of pagers