Why is Alarm Notification Needed?

In today’s fast-paced industries such as Manufacturing, Chemicals, Oil, Gas & Energy, Power & Utilities, Infrastructure, Mining, and Transportation, relying on outdated alerting methods can hinder your operations.

Traditional modes like phone calls, SMS, or emails often fall short in delivering messages reliably and fail to automate the alerting process when an incident occurs.

Critical issues going unnoticed or wasted time on manual notifications can have serious consequences, including safety risks, operational disruption, increased downtime, and customer dissatisfaction.

OnPage’s advanced alarm notification phone app/alarm system tackles these challenges head-on, ensuring instant and automated alerts reach the right personnel without fail.



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Accelerate Digital Transformation

OnPage enables organizations to take full control of the alarms and incident lifecycle. With OnPage, experience the convenience of having alarms being delivered to your fingertips.

Unlock a range of powerful features including a robust alerting engine, alarm escalation, intelligent alarm routing based on on-call schedules, and the ability to receive alerts until they’re read.

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Key Features

OnPage’s alarm notification software acts as the central nervous system driving incident routing, oncall management and reliable alerting. The intuitive user interface is infinitely scalable, customizable, agile and easy to deploy. Key features include:

  • Automated alert routing based on on-call schedules and roles
  • Accessibility to scheduling capabilities for accountability
  • Automated alarm escalations
  • Role-based messaging capabilities
  • Real-time audible alerts that override the silent switch on phones
  • Message delivery audit trail
  • Post-incident audit trail

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Client testimonials

My overall experience with OnPage has been good. I love how when I’m away from site, I get attention-drawing, critical notifications on my phone if I’m required after-hours.

– Scott F., Field Technician

Continuous Industry Success

OnPage is a G2 Leader for incident alert management, consistently receiving recognition for high performance and user satisfaction.


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