White Paper: 5 Reasons to Ditch Pagers

Pagers are problematic in healthcare. Several leading institutions note that their physicians have missed pages.
Here are a few of the findings from important research studies on the problems with pagers:
  • Pagers cost over $1.7 M per year in lost productivity
  • Many users prefer smart device platforms over pagers
  • Pagers lack encryption and HIPAA compliance
  • Pagers increasingly run on an aging infrastructure that is not being updated

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secure clinical communications

Not Just a Pager.

A Complete System for Secure Clinical Communications.

Automate the incident notification process to individuals on call with digital schedules, alert escalations and alerting redundancies to avoid human error and improve patient care.

How does OnPage help?

  • High-priority OnPage alerts bypass the silent switch on all smartphones. Alerts are never missed
  • Create on-call schedules for each team with unique escalation criteria
  • Ability to create schedule exceptions
  • Complete administrator-user secure clinical communications
  • OnPage’s Alert-Until-Read feature ensures critical alerts are never missed
  • Receive post-incident insights via audit trails, real-time reporting and downloadable reports
  • Rock-solid integrations with existing hospital systems (e.g., Amion, OpenEMR, etc.)

secure clinical communications

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Administrator-User Secure Communications

System administrators can communicate with on-call users directly on OnPage’s web management console. The comprehensive administrator-user secure communications option enhances team communications and collaboration during urgent incidents or situations.

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