Top 3 experiences we are looking forward to at HIMSS24!

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The OnPage team is thrilled to announce that we will be attending HIMSS24! As we prepare for the conference, we find ourselves getting more and more excited to go…and no, not just because we get to escape the cold up here in Boston for a few days. But because we get to connect with a community of groundbreaking healthcare professionals from across the globe. 

As I look around the office and listen to the roaring buzz around HIMSS24, I wanted to share some of the programs and experiences that the OnPage team is looking forward to the most. 

Networking at Booth 1127

Of course, one of the things that we are most excited about is engaging with healthcare professionals. With such a wide-range of attendees, we will have the chance to hear out-of-the-box perspectives that we have never thought of. This will give us the opportunity to understand the needs of those we serve and ensure that we are meeting those needs and providing innovative solutions to the ever-changing challenges of the healthcare world. These thoughtful conversations mean the world to us, and we warmly invite you to share them with us at Booth 1127. From us, you can expect to delve into how OnPage’s clinical communication and collaboration platform empowers teams from across healthcare settings to deliver the best patient care possible. Our sales team will be in attendance to answer all of your pressing questions, engage in insightful conversations, and schedule demos on the spot for those looking for a more in-depth dive into OnPage and its endless benefits. Plus, as a special bonus, attendees can request access to a fully-supported exclusive free trial of our clinical communication and collaboration solution to explore the power of OnPage’s solutions.

Intriguing Keynote Speakers

In addition to the anticipation of meeting all of you, we are thrilled at the prospect of hearing from world-renowned experts. Keynote speakers such as Rachel Tobac and Nick Saban will be speaking on intriguing topics, including cybersecurity and trust exploitation, as well as drawing parallels between the leadership strategies in football and those in healthcare. With such captivating subjects, it’s no wonder the team is filled with excitement.

These sessions serve as a bridge to the future of medicine, bringing together visionaries from around the world and fostering the development of technologies and strategies poised to revolutionize healthcare. That’s why we consider ourselves fortunate to attend the conference this year! 

Gaining insights from other vendors

We recognize that no one company can advance an industry alone, so being able to work alongside and collaborate with other vendors who have a part in shaping healthcare at HIMSS24 is such a privilege. We hope to make meaningful connections with organizations who take initiative to enhance the future of healthcare, provide teams with groundbreaking technology, and enable us to do what we do best. Through these interactions, we aspire to develop a broader understanding of the challenges and innovations in healthcare, learning how to enhance accessibility and innovation for the broader healthcare community. 


As we prepare for HIMSS24, our readiness extends beyond the event itself. We are gearing up for the interactions and engagements with various healthcare professionals, keynote speakers, and vendors from across the globe.