What’s SolarWinds Orion?

SolarWinds is an infrastructure monitoring and management platform designed to simplify IT administration for on-premises, hybrid and software-as-a-service (SaaS) environments. The platform enables IT and DevOps pros to proactively and reactively monitor, alert, troubleshoot and resolve issues.

The platform consolidates a full suite of monitoring capabilities into one single platform. With the platform, teams can:

  • Connect the dots and solve incidents with accuracy and speed
  • Monitor on-premise and cloud entities
  • Remotely monitor complex network devices and applications

Alert Management With SolarWinds Orion and OnPage Integration


When SolarWinds Orion detects an issue, an OnPage high-priority, mobile alert is triggered. OnPage’s “Alert-Until-Read” technology overrides the silent switch and DND on your mobile device. OnPage notifies the right responder in real time using alerting policies, routing rules and on-call schedules. The integration elevates critical incidents detected by Orion, and it minimizes the time it takes to respond to incidents occurring in your IT stack.


Integration Setup



SolarWinds Orion

How Does the Integration Work?

Orion products, such as Server & Application Monitor (SAM), Network Performance Monitor (NPM) and Storage Resource Monitor (SRM), manage servers, storage, applications and network performance. These solutions allow users to trigger OnPage mobile alerts and reset notifications based on custom thresholds.

The integration works by configuring OnPage as the endpoint in SolarWinds’s alerting chain. When the tool detects a deviation from the baseline, it sends a notification to OnPage’s server via an encrypted HTTPS connection, which in turn, sends the message as a high-priority OnPage alert. The OnPage alert notifies the responder in real time using alerting policies, routing rules and on-call schedules.

Benefits of Using SolarWinds Orion With OnPage Alerting

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