security operations center

What’s a Security Operations Center?

A security operations center (SOC) is the centralization of an organization’s security processes and tooling. It allows firms to monitor for, evaluate, and respond to incidents across their organization with increased efficiency and effectiveness. By centralizing their security efforts, companies create greater visibility into their systems and can better analyze and detect threats.

Responsibilities of a SOC Team

When setting up a SOC, one of the first steps is to understand the organizational team requirements and responsibilities. Once familiar with the responsibilities, firms can begin choosing the right people for their teams.

Additional team responsibilities include:

1) Implementing and Managing Security Tools and Policies

2) Detecting, Investigating, and Responding to Suspicious Events

3) Reducing Downtime and Ensuring Business Continuity



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Incident Alert Management: A Major Challenge 

Teams are likely to face challenges to operations. One of the most significant challenges is alert fatigue. Alert fatigue occurs when teams are overwhelmed by information from tooling. It results in alerts being overlooked and can lead to serious security incidents.

Alert fatigue can occur when teams are understaffed, when systems are bombarded with threats, or when tooling is insufficient or incorrectly configured.

Incident Alert Management With OnPage

The incident alert management process is streamlined with OnPage’s award-winning platform. OnPage’s alerting solution provides persistent, intrusive audible notifications until addressed on mobile by the assigned on-call recipient.

OnPage eliminates alert fatigue through high-priority alerting, easily distinguishable from every other mobile notification. This way, the tasked recipient will always know the severity of an alert and the need for an incident’s immediate resolution.

By using OnPage, managers can ensure that the experience, while not a cake walk, is a manageable aspect of the job and that alert fatigue will be under control.



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