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Deliver continuous, high-quality care beyond hospital stay

Facilitating effective patient-to-doctor communication post-discharge is crucial for reducing rehospitalization rates and ensuring optimal patient outcomes. OnPage’s Dedicated Line technology, powered by advanced automation capabilities, significantly enhances this communication process.

By providing patients with direct and immediate access to their healthcare providers, OnPage ensures that potential complications are promptly identified and addressed, which might otherwise go unnoticed. This seamless connectivity improves care delivery and enhances the patient experience, ultimately supporting better health outcomes.

Here’s how the workflow unfolds





Improved Access to Care Teams

Our innovative solution revolutionizes post-discharge follow-up, ensuring seamless communication between patients, caregivers, and care teams.


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One Dedicated Phone Number for All Your Needs

Patients and caregivers can connect with their care teams through a single, dedicated phone number. This eliminates the confusion of multiple contact points, making it easier for everyone involved.


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Real-Time Access to On-Call Physicians

Patients can directly reach on-call physicians through a live phone call, allowing them to immediately communicate their medical needs to the appropriate specialist.

On the back-end, OnPage automatically directs this call according to predefined schedules, routing rules, and escalation policies. It ensures calls are handled promptly by routing them through an established escalation hierarchy, thereby optimizing response times.

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Flexible Communication Options

In addition to handling live calls, this technology can also manage various other other workflows, such as prompting patients to leave a callback number and voicemail, or enabling on-call providers to receive SMS texts from discharged patients in the form of a “page” on their OnPage phone application. This ensures that providers become aware of their patient’s complications and can proactively intervene to prevent re-hospitalization.

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How Live Call Routing Works

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When patients need to connect with a physician on a live call, OnPage automates the process and includes escalation paths.

The process begins when a patient dials the care team’s dedicated line and is prompted to select a phone option to connect with an on-call physician on a live call. If the patient’s call is picked up, an on-call physician connects with the patient on a real-time call and tends to his health-related issues.

If the patient’s call is not answered by an on-call physician, the call is directed within an escalation group, consisting of care team members. In the unlikely case that all on-call physicians do not answer, the patient is then prompted to leave a voicemail with a callback number. The voicemail is escalated within the on-call team until addressed and responded to. The process concludes with the generation of detailed OnPage reports, audit trails and status updates.

Continuous Industry Success

OnPage is a G2 Leader for incident alert management, consistently receiving recognition for high performance and user satisfaction. Read more reviews!

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