Personal Information Security and OnPage’s Commitment to User Privacy

Personal Information Security When making purchasing decisions, organizations must consider a vendor’s product pricing, promised benefits and level of customer service. Thorough vendor evaluation tends to result in successful investments, allowing organizations to reap the benefits of their newly acquired products without buyer’s remorse. Unfortunately, some buyers dismiss the importance of personal information security and how the vendor promises to protect user data. 

Data protection and privacy prevents the extensive collection of user information. It also assures that user data isn’t distributed or shared outside of the vendor’s customer database. Personal information security not only creates trust between buyer and vendor, but it also solidifies the vendor’s commitment to ethical privacy policies. 

In this blog, we’ll discuss the importance of personal information security, and how the OnPage alerting app doesn’t gather user details. 

User Data Privacy: Free Apps Versus Paid Versions

According to a concerning study, iOS apps collect approximately 96 percent of user data, while Android collects 84 percent of app users’ information. Collected user data includes, but isn’t limited to, contacts, location, calendar and network. Regardless of the app downloaded, intrusive behavior always finds a way to one’s mobile device and its stored information. 

Worse yet, buyers aren’t promised data privacy when purchasing or subscribing to vendors’ mobile apps. Per the University of California, Berkeley, “… consumers expect paid apps to have better security and privacy behaviors.” Unfortunately, Berkeley states that there’s no clear evidence supporting this assumption. Further, the university reports that 74 percent of paid apps have the same data accessibility as free versions. This is a growing concern for buyers that expect data privacy from their vendors. 

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Implications of Extensive Data Collection

Vendors must be committed to consumer privacy and eliminate or reduce extensive data collection. Poor privacy practices may tarnish client-to-vendor relationships, leading to disgruntled buyers and early contract terminations. This is specifically true for buyers that want to avert unnecessary data collection behaviors. 

The vendor’s objective is to address the buyer’s privacy concerns, while providing full transparency to its service agreement and privacy policy. This allows an organization to gain insight into the vendor’s data collection practices and determine if the vendor is the “right fit.” 

Mobile app vendors aren’t an exception to proper data collection. Buyers have the right to assess an app vendor’s privacy policy and understand what information is collected after purchasing the mobile software. Though data collection is important to some organizations, others may read and accept the vendor’s privacy policy to purchase its app. At its core, it’s a matter of the buyer accepting or denying the vendor’s data collection processes. 

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Personal Information Security and OnPage

OnPage’s mobile alert app doesn’t collect device information. This means the app doesn’t have access to the buyer’s contact book, location or other smartphone data. OnPage is committed to personal information security and rejects extensive data collection. Simply put, the app isn’t intrusive and eliminates a buyer’s privacy-related headaches.

OnPage doesn’t have extensive access to enterprise customer data. Enterprise customers can log in to the OnPage web console without having the system gather sensitive user information. Users simply log in to upload contact lists, create critical messages and send high-priority messages to mobile OnPage users. 

It’s no secret that making the right purchasing decision equates to happy, satisfied buyers. Buyer satisfaction correlates with privacy and security, ensuring that mobile device information isn’t collected beyond what’s necessary.

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