OnPage’s Third Quarter Revenue Surpasses Growth Goals

OnPage experiences 30% year over year growth

OnPage Corporation, the first-to-market Incident Alert Management Platform, today announced an over 30% year-over-year increase in revenue growth from its enterprise business. Since its start in 2011, OnPage has been consistently cash flow positive and today has over 30,000 customers worldwide.  These latest results come from OnPage’s growth of partnerships with titans such as ConnectWise, Slack, Cisco, ServiceNow as well as the company’s integration with PTC ThingWorx platform in IoT.

Company Growth Highlights Demand for Incident Alert Management Platform

Over 80% of OnPage’s revenue growth has resulted from the company’s ability to respond to companies need to modernize their alert management. For OnPage, this need signals a demand for streamlining IT notifications, reducing production anomalies and improving response times to critical incidents.

By providing a leadership position in critical alert management, OnPage has increased customer satisfaction as well as bottom line revenue. OnPage Incident Alert Management provides SMBs and Fortune 500 companies with the ability to capture information from their systems and alert the right person at the right time when issues arise.

Integrations and Development

To keep up with the demand to modernize alert management for digital operation in various Industries as well as for 4.0 ecosystems , OnPage has strategically deployed product updates, enhanced its existing integrations and expanded its repertoire of partnerships and functionalities to bring its customers a complete and ready-made solutions for their digital operation needs.

In the past six months, OnPage has also embarked on new and updated integrations with, Slack, ServiceNow, Cisco Spark and ConnectWise. The power of these integrations has greatly expanded the ability of OnPage to provide alert management across numerous business uses. In particular, OnPage became the solution of choice for TSPs and MSPs with its successful integration with ConnectWise Manage, securing over 500 clients in its first 3 months of release.

OnPage has also expanded its functionality by providing end users with a powerful reporting engine so they can better query based on alert volume. The engine provides real-time data visualization and was developed in response to the growing demand for capturing data and analyzing outcomes.

OnPage catalyzes digital disruption in IoT and Industry 4.0

Digitization is transforming entire industries and sectors. There are very few businesses that are not affected by the digital era. Time and time again organizations fail in the “last mile” because they significantly invest in digital transformation but do not provide the necessary alerting to apprise them of anomalies. This realization led OnPage to embark on its broad and robust integration with PTC ThingWorx. The integration enables OnPage to provide critical alerting functionality to the IoT ecosphere.

With the introduction of the ThingWorx collaboration, OnPage’s robust incident alert management platform enhances the notification process by enabling a broad and robust set of IoT-specific development tools for creating innovative IoT solutions for a variety of industry applications.

About OnPage

OnPage is the industry’s leading Incident Alert Management Platform. Built around the incident resolution lifecycle, the OnPage platform enables organizations to get the most out of their digitization investments, ensuring that sensors and monitoring systems have a reliable means to escalate important issues to the right person immediately.

OnPage’s escalation policies, redundancies, and scheduling algorithms ensure that a critical message is never missed. Infinitely more reliable and secure than emails, text messages and phone calls combined, OnPage reduces incident resolution time thereby improves the productivity and digital operations of your business.

Whether to minimize IT infrastructure downtime, or to minimize response time of Healthcare providers in life and death situations, organizations are heavily investing in digitization across their business and relying on OnPage for all their secure, HIPAA compliant, critical messaging needs.

To read the full press release detailing OnPage’s third quarter financial results, go to EINewswire.