OnPage incident management

OnPage Web Console


Create multiple schedules, without limitation to location, so every group gets their preferred on-call rotation. Get instant visibility on who’s on-call.


Just like the OnPage app, the OnPage dispatcher allows you to send messages to OnPage users. Set predefined responses in the “Reply Options” field for the recipient to reply immediately.

The Dispatcher lets you view the “Groups” of contacts so that you can simply look through the contacts and choose the recipients you would like to send the message/alert to.


Groups and escalation

If you use escalation groups you can now add an element of scheduling to it. Escalation groups have proven to be one of OnPage’s most useful enterprise features by providing customers with the ability to prioritize recipients and supply redundancy to their urgent messages. Escalation orders and members can be scheduled, adding, even more, flexibility and customization of escalation groups.

Know when someone is online or logged off based on their icon colors

Set up Contacts

Using the “Contacts” tab create users and manage them. You can even create or delete groups. You can also set message redundancy options here.

Audit Trail

Get instant visibility of issues and notification when messages are read through the time-stamped audit trail. You will know when your messages were “sent”, “delivered” and “read”. No more lost alerts!

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