At LiveWorx 2017, OnPage-ThingWorx Integration Gets Highlighted


By the year 2020, there will be over 50 billion devices connected to the internet on this planet. Devices ranging from healthcare to manufacturing will become obsolete if they cannot connect to other platforms in the field. Yet how can companies who desire to be part of the IoT revolution jump onto the connected bandwagon without reinventing the wheel? How can companies bring the benefits of the internet and cloud to their business quickly and affordably? That is  the question being discussed and showcased at this week’s LiveWorx17 conference in Boston this week. This is also the appropriate question to pose to the OnPage-ThingWorx integration.

Attending LiveWorx17 alongside representatives from Fortune 500 companies like Amazon and Hewlett-Packard, OnPage CEO Judit Sharon meet with attendees to discuss and highlight the need for bringing critical alerting to the IoT cloud. OnPage recently became a key integration partner with ThingWorx, aligning with the high demand by ThingWorx users for notifications on their internet-enabled devices. According to ThingWorx, notifications are among the most downloaded applications from their marketplace.

ThingWorx enables companies to integrate people, systems and machines seamlessly. Engineers can deploy systems in a way that is commensurate with their visions. ThingWorx provides built in flexibility and scalability. But with those abilities comes the question of how to monitor the ever-expanding capacity of these inventions. How can these same engineers know when scalability has run into the wall of reality? How do teams know when their systems have run aground? It is at this point that critical notifications and alerting need to come in and bring engineering back into the mix.

OnPage brings critical alerting to answer this query by integrating with ThingWorx via the OnPage Webhook API. The OnPage Critical Alert Extension endeavors to add new functionality to the ThingWorx system through the cloud-based notification capabilities it offers to manufacturing and industrial designs built on the internet of things. By integrating manufacturing or industrial applications with OnPage’s critical alerting capabilities, teams can manage capacity alerts in real time. By integrating with OnPage’s robust and intelligent critical alerting engine, manufacturing has the capacity to realize incidents in real time as well.

By having access to real time insights along the manufacturing process, teams and the companies that they work for have the opportunity to manage cost and downtime in a way they never did before. Whereas in the past manufacturing was alerted to issues via sms or email, these groups can now realize potential problems in real time through the receipt of critical alerts on their smartphone. Critical events can be sent to groups or escalated.  Groups can also receive redundant alerts on their phone through phone calls to ensure critical situations are alerted to and resolved quickly.

The future of IoT is vast and to some extent unknown. This future will be significantly discussed and debated during the course of this week’s LiveWorx Conference. What cannot be overlooked and must be taken into account is the need for railings on the stairway to the future. These railings are in part provided by OnPage and its ability to provide critical alerting to the Internet of Things today and in the future.

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