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Android Paging App - Just Better Than Pagers!

OnPage is the perfect Android paging app. Unlike pagers, OnPage for Android allows you to:

  • Ditch your pager: Consolidate all alerts and messages to your Android device
  • Receive unlimited push notifications that bypass the mute switch
  • Securely add text details, image files, voicemails and document attachments
  • View team availability on your Android device
  • Choose high or low-priority alerts (priority paging)
  • Easily respond to open incidents or forward messages to colleagues
  • Receive mobile alerts that continue for up to 8 hours until acknowledged
  • Send HIPAA-compliant messages directly from the OnPage pager app
  • Enable global coverage and never miss a critical alert

Persistent. Reliable. Accountable.

Trusted by thousands of organizations, OnPage’s Android paging app elevates critical alerts to the right person to respond effectively to incidents. Hover to see how OnPage improves team communications for all industries.

Incident Alert Management System

Use the OnPage incident alert management system to ensure critical messages get to the right person at the right time automatically. Response teams can use the complete OnPage alerting system to:

  • Create multiple on-call schedules without limitation to location so every group gets their preferred on-call rotation
  • Get instant visibility of who is on call
  • Enable multiple escalation scenarios so that critical alerts get routed to the right person
  • Easily create “follow the sun” schedules and set up escalations to organize workflows

Eliminate the need to have a person check a paper schedule and send out alerts manually. With OnPage, simply schedule the right people on the on-call scheduler, and OnPage automates the alert to your Android device!

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White Paper: 7 Reasons for Pager Replacement

Pagers are problematic in healthcare. Many leading institutions note that their physicians have missed pages. Here are a few of the findings from important research studies on the problems with pagers:

  • Pagers cost over $1.7M per year in lost productivity
  • Many users prefer smart device platforms over pagers
  • Pagers lack encryption
  • Pagers increasingly run on an aging infrastructure that is not being updated

Want to learn more about the issues associated with pagers? Download our white paper.

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