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OnPage Digital Fail-Safe Scheduling

Modernize On-Call Scheduling

OnPage digital fail-safe scheduling automates the way incidents are assigned to on-call individuals. Select the team members that will receive immediate, real-time incident notifications when critical events occur.

OnPage priority alerts bypass the mute switch on all smartphones to ensure that on-call members never miss critical messages. Productive, reliable members of the on-call team respond to incident alerts during after-hours, business hours and weekend periods.

OnPage Digital Fail-Safe Scheduling

Own the Scheduling Creation Process

OnPage’s fail-safe scheduling system allows team members to “own” the schedule creation process to improve job satisfaction levels and reduce employee fatigue. Users can pick or drop shifts without worrying about “dropped incidents” caused by schedule misconfigurations. Digital on-call scheduling eliminates human error and improves the way teams collaborate and share the incident response workload.