OnPage incident management

Improve Client Management

OnPage provides persistent, secure round-trip messaging and alerts to your smartphone. In using dashboards and integrations, you get instant visibility and feedback on alerts. As part of your ITSM, you can track delivery, ticket status, receipt and even responses.

As a result you will improve MTTR and better manage your clients’ ecosystem by decreasing interruptions. As an organization you will improve responsiveness to SLAs and lower your and your clients’ costs.

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OnPage integrates with popular email platforms such as Outlook and Gmail and with numerous enterprise monitoring systems such as Slack, Nagios, LabTech through Connectwise and SolarWinds. Plus any system that sends off an email notification can be integrated with OnPage. These integrations allow your NOC and development teams to immediately receive and then respond to critical incidents.

If it can send an email, sms, or work via a modem, it will work with OnPage.


Data Center Case Study: Chief Engineer Doug Goss

A major data center was in a critical environment that included major media outlets and telecommunication providers. Extended downtimes, and slow responses to incidents were not an option. The IT department was experiencing missed alerts, on-call scheduling challenges, unexpected increases in messaging costs and difficulties using the their current priority messaging system.

Benefits for the IT Team

  • Cost Savings vs an older less reliable system.
  • Solid coverage without gaps, no matter the location.
  • Easy to deploy and virtually no learning curve.
  • On-Call scheduler with escalation.
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Tech Tips – SolarWinds Whitepaper

The OnPage SolarWinds Alert Action – Quick Guide will help you decide which alert action is best for your environment and provide quick steps with examples of how to configure each type of alert action which is supported by OnPage.

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IT Critical Alerts: How To Improve Responsiveness

Receiving critical alerts in a timely manner can make the difference between company up-time and down-time. Studies indicate that the cost of a one-hour outage is up to $300,000 or more.

Here are some valuable tips to help guarantee business continuity, safeguard effective IT operations, and ensure that your team receives IT alerts promptly.

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