Automate Incident Management to Reduce MTTR

Designed for the IT industry, OnPage’s incident alerting system automates the incident detection-to-resolution process and allows teams to reach new levels of operation efficiency. Streamline incident management and alert the right person at the right time. Shorten time to resolution with alerting that gets attention. Automatically escalate alerts for better team collaboration.

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Automation in Live Call

In certain situations, it makes good business sense to offer customers direct access to the on-call IT staff when an incident occurs. Users can call on a 24×7 available dedicated phone number that connects to OnPage’s incident management system, and the call automatically delivers to the on-call responder. If the first responder doesn’t respond, the call automatically escalates to the next responder.

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Automation Drives Accountability and Decision Making

Automation in incident management allows organizations to harness the power of data and gain powerful insights from it. During the incident, users gain real-time views into the incident resolution progress and response times. After an issue is resolved, incident managers can access detailed incident reports and uncover potential gaps in incident handling. OnPage takes the guesswork out of decision-making with increased visibility into a team’s performance across the incident lifecycle.

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Automated incident management ensures that critical events are detected, addressed and resolved in a fast, efficient manner.

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