How to Use OnPage's Page to Phone Feature

Why Page to Phone

Why use page to phone? The answer has to do with a magical garden.

While many assume that wi-fi access is a free good – like air – that is available anywhere in the world, there are spots on the planet where this is not the case. Outside the magical wi-fi garden such as rural areas of the U.S. or places where wi-fi connections are sketchy, getting access to the internet is not always possible. As such, using the OnPage critical alerting platform is challenging. Luckily, there is the OnPage page to phone feature.

The OnPage alert already provides continuous and prominent notification for up to 8 hours until the message is read. With Page to Phone however, OnPage provides customers who don’t have access to the data channel an additional way to get notified. The feature allows customers to receive a phone call that they can acknowledge via smartphone and mark as ‘read’ in the audit trail.

How Page to Phone works

This new redundancy feature is easily initiated and enabled with a checkbox in the OnPage enterprise console, where you can also choose Email and SMS redundancy messaging.  In the interface, you provide the OnPage ID, name, phone number and email address to which the alert should be sent. You also indicate how much time should pass before enabling the redundancy. The incident can be sent from another OnPage User, OnPage’s main web-based console or from any monitoring service or sensor.

page to phone

Message recipients who didn’t receive the OnPage alert due to poor or lack-of wi-fi coverage can receive the OnPage alert via phone and can acknowledge the message as having been read by simply hitting a number on their smartphone. This prevents message escalation and ensures the audit trail marks the message as read. Critical situations are managed and resolved more quickly. Your team’s on-call schedule remains inviolate.

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