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On-call scheduling enables 24/7/365 availability of service providers for critical issues like system downtime, technician response for critical systems, and patient care.

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      • How to design an on-call schedule
      • How to improve customer response and make staff happier

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On-Call Schedule

What Is On-Call Scheduling?

On-call scheduling is a practice used in several industries, but is especially helpful for teams who serve customers, internal users or patients 24/7/365. With on-call scheduling, you can create a rotating schedule assigning staff to incident response duties, ensuring round-the-clock availability and coverage.

One of the ways you can ensure on-call scheduling works smoothly is with software that lets you define schedules, automate the delivery of incidents directly to the person/team on call or provide contact information for manual delivery, and ensure that staff are contacted through a range of preferred devices or methods.


On-Call Scheduling to Beat Alert Fatigue and Reduce Response Times

OnPage’s on-call scheduler allows organizations to achieve continuous, error-free on-call coverage while minimizing alert fatigue and burnout. Organizations that use OnPage’s incident alerting tool powered by on-call scheduling capabilities can automatically assign incidents to the right team, facilitating uninterrupted digital experiences and accelerating software delivery for customers.

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Fail-Safe Scheduling

Manages Alert Fatigue and Burnout

Digital on-call scheduling enables teams across industries to better manage on-call staff and maintain their productivity levels. Since responsibilities are rotated and represented in the digital schedule, workloads are balanced and fair so alert fatigue and burnout are minimized.

Minimizes Response Time

When teams face time-sensitive incidents, the fail-safe, on-call scheduling system accelerates incident response by forwarding critical notifications to the right on-call member in real time. The scheduler natively integrates with OnPage’s notification system and automates message delivery to the on-call member. No more scrambling through paper on-call schedules and deciphering codes to connect incidents to on-call staff.

Enables Use of a Mobile Solution

By combining the fail-safe, digital on-call scheduling platform with a mobile solution, such as the OnPage secure pager app, notifications can be sent directly to responders’ smartphones. This powerful integration translates critical messages into persistent and prominent mobile alerts.

Unlike other solutions in the market, files can be securely attached to OnPage messages to give on-call staff more information about a critical incident.

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