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Significance of an IT Outage Communication Plan

Outages due to a network configuration change, software upgrade, scheduled maintenance, surge capacity failure or simply a code change could cause hours of downtime. Knowing that an hour of IT downtime can easily cost over $100,000, it is important for every IT team to have a preconfigured, well-considered outage communication plan to minimize downtime and keep key stakeholders informed.

Outage communications

Supercharge IT Outage Communication with Critical Alerting

Organizations need to empower frontline incident response teams and subject-matter experts with technology that enables them to have an orchestrated response to an incident.

There are multiple communication challenges that can hamper successful outage resolution. Think about all the channels you can communicate on. Think about the various teams that need to be looped into the conversation and the information that they need. Think about how you would keep an audit of every action being taken or each recipient’s response time.

OnPage enables organizations to build a robust outage communication workflow, by providing a comprehensive incident alerting solution that covers all communication needs and requirements.

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Client testimonials

OnPage is a very easy and reliable service to use. OnPage quickly enabled us to set up alerts from our monitoring system, SolarWinds, and optimize IT service delivery.

– Osvaldo T., Network Ops


Client testimonials

Our after-hours staff have loved the simplicity for alerting of after-hours support calls. We use OnPage for all of our server reporting alerts.

– Ben W., IT Specialist

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