Data Centers Choose OnPage for Critical IT Needs

OnPage IT Alert Management - Critical Alerts

The Nation’s Busiest Data Centers Chooses OnPage for IT Communication, Secure Messaging and Priority Alerts.

“OnPage has made the communication impact we were looking for. The OnPage system quickly reduced downtime and solved a critical need for the entire IT Team. Needless to say we would never go back to the old style obsolete standalone pagers again and we’re happy to recommend OnPage to our colleagues.”

The following interview details Doug’s reasons for choosing OnPage for managing system alerts and real-world experiences while managing a critical IT facility.

Doug Goss explains: “One of our techs was looking for an IT messaging solution and found OnPage. We downloaded the FREE TRIAL in the app store and really liked it. The OnPage Smartphone System gets the correct technician’s attention quickly every time. Most of what we are monitoring is critical, so we need to know if there’s something to fix or reset right away. Since we are dealing with a well-known international leader in telecommunication services, any outage is serious. This includes TV shows that encourage the public to vote which are a money makers for the carrier, therefore we are very sensitive to connectivity issues. Any outage could cost millions of dollars in a just a few minutes. Mobile phone, TV, financial and e-commerce customers are quickly impacted from even the shortest downtime.”

After having attempted to integrate a competitor’s product, Chief Engineer Doug Goss and his team members evaluated OnPage and decided it was far easier to implement and much more cost effective. Doug said: “OnPage is definitely a better system.”

Doug’s Competitor Review:

OnPage was much easier to deploy, the correct solution and less expensive than a competitors system. The competitors pricing structure also was very unfair. We receive a lot of pages in a week’s time. And they went to a pricing structure where each page was being charged. We ended up spending six to seven hundred dollars for every “pager” per month. It was difficult to go from one page to the next and there was no way to change the alert notification. Also, their app was very hard to navigate.”

“OnPage made my job easier!”

Doug elaborates: Solid coverage is very important too. Dallas Fort Worth is a pretty big metropolitan area and we have found no gaps in coverage no matter where our techs are located. The scheduler comes in handy too. The scheduler with the escalation feature is great. Far superior to the old physical pagers and what we’ve seen from other app vendors. As a supervisor I like to know what’s going on at all times without being bothered on my day off. The pages are all there and I can react if I have to. Even when I turn my phone off, I know all the pages will be there when I turn it on again. Results have been so much better than what the old pager technology is able to put out.”

When Doug was asked if there were other critical issues confronting him, he recounted several key factors, including potential financial impacts, losing customers and a damaged reputation.

Doug said: Our large customers may go ahead and terminate the contract and go somewhere else. We also lose money when power or cooling goes down in a data center. You can’t charge that customer for use of a critical facility when it’s not available. Customers typically look for some sort of compensation after failures. We’re also responsible for 911 capabilities in these buildings, so obviously there’s a lot at stake. We’re in a pretty critical environment that also includes major media outlets.”

Judit Sharon, CEO of Onset Technology said: “We are pleased to have Doug and his team trust their mission critical messaging to the OnPage IT alert management system. The IT messaging environment and its responsiveness to equipment downtime becomes more challenging every day. We are proud to be their software solution of choice.”

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