Video: Prevent Critical Alerts From Falling Through the Cracks

In this webinar Joe Beck, Director of Sales at OnPage, and George Bardissi, CEO of BVoIP, address the chaos that MSPs face when their customers’ urgent communications aren’t handled in a timely manner. The discussion delves into tips and tools that expert MSPs employ to handle these sorts of situations.

They also discuss important questions that many MSPs face in these type of situations such as:

  • What to react when a tool triggers an alert?
  •  How do you ensure your team quickly gets the message?
  • What should you do if your point man is out that day?
  • What should you do when calls come in from customers during and after hours?
  • What should be my plan to make sure that messages are routed and responded to in a timely manner?

If these are questions that you and your MSP face, then take the time to watch this video.