OnPage + UptimeRobot Integration

The UptimeRobot integration helps keep websites up. It monitors websites every five minutes and alerts the right person if the sites are down. Alerts are sent via OnPage through webhooks, and, if redundancy is desired, via email, SMS, Twitter, Slack and HipChat.

UptimeRobot Integration

How It Works

The step-by-step actions of UptimeRobot are:

  1. Requests websites’ headers and gets status codes like “200 OK” and “404 Not Found” every five minutes (or more depending on the monitor’s settings)
  2. If the status code returned doesn’t indicate a problem, no action is taken.
  3. If the status code is ~400+ and 500+, the site is not loading.
  4. To make sure the site is down, UptimeRobot makes several more checks in the next 30 seconds.
  5. If the site is still down, it sends an alert.


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