Firms Fail to Solidify Business Continuity

In the modern business landscape, most firms fail to establish a robust way to ensure business continuity and disaster recovery. This failure can be attributed to not building a business continuity plan (BCP) or not investing in advanced, intelligent incident response solutions. Without prioritizing business continuity, firms will experience the costly repercussions of a disaster on staff and organizational processes.

Ensure Business Continuity With Mass Notifications

BlastIT, OnPage’s mass notification system, helps organizations enhance their current emergency communication management plans. BlastIT streamlines effective communication not just with the response team but also with employees, vendors and clients in times of crisis or whenever urgent, mass notification is needed.

Automated Incident Response for Business Continuity

During times of crisis, response teams get inundated with alerts from many sources, such as phone and email. Alerts that do not provide context into event severity can further deteriorate business processes. OnPage provides distinguishable high-priority alerts that bypass the silent switch on mobile. Teams will always know the severity of alerts to better prioritize their emergency response plan.

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