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Healthcare organizations require a secure clinical communication and collaboration system that ensures care teams are well-equipped to effectively communicate, coordinate, and maximize collective knowledge to deliver high-quality patient care successfully. This system should prioritize patient privacy and data security while facilitating seamless information exchange among healthcare professionals across various departments and locations. As such, these mission-critical systems assist team members in getting hold of providers to communicate critical events, and in initiation of rapid response teams and code blue teams.  

As the end of life for Imprivata Cortext approaches, we recognize the urgency for healthcare teams to transition to a reliable alternative for secure communications. In this blog, we aim to demonstrate just how seamless it is to implement OnPage, a robust replacement and an enhancement for Imprivata Cortext, and begin experiencing its endless benefits. 

Read this blog to:

  • Learn best practices to approach this replacement project
  • Get educated on how clinical communication is beyond secure texting
  • Discover OnPage’s powerful solution

First Steps 

To begin with, we encourage you to get the conversation started with OnPage! Our friendly sales team is happy to connect with you and discuss all of your team’s requirements and needs. Once we find out your workflows, we can easily get you set up with a demo tailored to your care team’s needs, and following that, your team can experience OnPage first-hand with a personalized free trial. 

For your convenience, we also offer an interactive demo that showcases some of the key capabilities within our comprehensive secure communication platform. This allows prospective users to quickly gain insight into the offerings at their leisure. The modules included in the self-guided demo reflect just a few of the many other capabilities that OnPage offers, providing a glimpse into the extensive functionality designed to meet diverse provider-to-provider communication and integration needs within healthcare settings.

Try OnPage for FREE! Request an enterprise free trial.

Contracting and Security 

Once you’re ready to proceed to the next step, our sales team will assist your team in gaining buy-in by navigating through the completion of contracting and security requirements. OnPage’s cybersecurity team offers comprehensive support, including SOC2 Type2 compliance, PCI compliance, Threat Risk Assessment for security evaluation, Privacy Impact Assessment for privacy review, and assistance with any necessary security questionnaires tailored to your organization’s needs. The timeline for this process varies, typically taking a few days to a week depending on your team’s priorities and timelines.

Regarding contracting, our sales team will provide a standard contract encompassing a Master Service Level Agreement, Statement of Work and Business Associate Agreement. Legal reviews may take from a few hours to a few days, contingent upon any revisions required by your legal department.


With OnPage, transitioning from Imprivata Cortext is a breeze. Our support team will discuss your team’s specific use case, current contacts, schedules, integrations (if any) and escalation paths, so that they can easily guide you through implementation and get that information right into the OnPage system, enabling your team to be ready to collaborate in just hours. They’ll streamline the implementation process, ensuring that all the necessary changes and configurations are in place – so that your team can emerge successful through this adjustment. 


OnPage seamlessly integrates with a variety of healthcare and tech systems ensuring interoperability across platforms throughout your organization. These integrations will enable the right care teams to promptly respond to time-sensitive critical events through OnPage’s HIPAA-compliant, high-priority mobile alerting. Additionally, it is easy for teams to set up a single sign-on (SSO) integration no matter what SSO provider they use and even synchronize organization-wide contacts through active directory integration for user management and authentication processes. 

Go-Live/ Implementation

When your team officially decides to implement OnPage, we understand the importance of maintaining communication and providing white-glove support. Our support team is available 24/7 to help your team achieve their goals and address any issues that may arise while implementing the application. We take pride in our exceptional implementation and support team, who can seamlessly guide users through this process – Whether you prefer to navigate this transition independently with minimal intervention or receive guidance of one of our team members, we respect your approach to working. Simply inform them of your preference so they can accommodate your needs accordingly. Within a matter of a few hours/day, a dedicated staff will get you up and running, whether it involves integrating your active directory or mirroring your existing schedules. Additionally, you can easily contact us to make any changes to your OnPage account, whether it’s new integrations, provisioning additional users, or new admins, we are just a call away! Alternatively, you can reach us through our live chat feature on our website or simply create a ticket if that’s your preferred method of communication.


Once your team is ready to use OnPage, we will set up a walkthrough with the whole team to ensure that new users are comfortable with the platform and successfully guided through this change. Our tech team will happily answer all of their pressing questions and concerns, and demonstrate exactly how to use the application, so that they have no issues when using OnPage. They will also have access to our support team 24/7 through email, call, ticketing or live chat. 


As Imprivata sunsets its Cortext services, it is important for organizations to make informed decisions about their new secure messaging software, and ensure a seamless transition. In light of this, we have highlighted some of the myriad benefits of OnPage here.

Moreover, we want to emphasize that despite OnPage’s extensive capabilities, at its core, it remains remarkably user-friendly, with a minimal learning curve. Providers can seamlessly transition to OnPage as a like-for-like replacement, confident that as they grow accustomed to the platform, we stand ready to assist them in leveraging its full potential. From integrating with various healthcare platforms, and gaining critical messages and live call routing based on on-call schedules and escalations, to providing fingertip access to on-call visibility and enabling streamlined interdepartmental communication, OnPage offers a versatile solution.

We’re eager to engage with more healthcare organizations, understanding their clinical communication requirements and assisting in their transition from Imprivata Cortext. Call us on (781)916-0040, or simply drop us your contact information here, and someone from our team will get back to you.

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