When communications breakdown, continuity of care suffers

A doctor orders a CT or MRI STAT because they believe the patient is potentially in serious danger. Shockingly though the sense of urgency for a STAT order is not followed consistently. The resulting breakdown in continuity of care can lead to lawsuits or, worse, serious patient complications.

Consider however if there were a platform that enabled physicians, nurses and technicians to communicate seamlessly to ensure continuity of care did not breakdown? What if, instead, there was a technology that allowed you to:

– Bring all personnel responsible for continuity of care into one communication platform
– Receive an alert when an important CT or MRI arrives
– Send alerts via multiple channels from one platform
Ensure HIPAA compliance when communicating patient data

OnPage: Clinical Communication Platform

> Connect healthcare personnel through HIPAA complaint messaging and alerts.

> Manage on-call shifts and automate alerts to the right person on call.

> Real-Time Call Routing connects patients to caregivers through patient’s call back number delivered straight to the care giver’s smartphone.

> Attach lab reports and medical imaging files to instant alerts or messages for quick consults

> OnPage’s intelligent alerting is up to 5 times faster than traditional pagers


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