OnPage – Paging service in the UK

Looking for a pager replacement? OnPage’s HIPAA compliant alerting tool replaces antiquated pagers!

your pager service is holding you back...

OnPage: Paging service in the UK

OnPage is a paging app that brings alerting to your smartphone. Antiquated pagers are not a relaibale solution. With Vodaphone ending it’s paging service in the UK it’s only a matter of time before the rest follow suit. Worry not! OnPage is upto 5 times faster than pagers and is easy to use. Go to our comparison page to learn more.

  • Create and manage escalation policies
  • 2-way messaging with rich content and attachments
  • Contact sync
  • 1 monthly fee covers unlimited global messaging
  • Secure, encrypted communication
  • Ability to remotely wipe sensitive patient information
  • Repeated alert delivery until device is operational
  • A single device for all communication

OnPage is more than just a pager - Incident Alert Management

Automate the incident notification process to individuals on-call with digital schedules, alert escalations, and alerting redundancies to avoid human error and increase business up time.

How Does OnPage Help?

  • Create an on-call schedules for each team with unique escalation criteria.
  • Fragmented teams are no longer a Problem! The intuitive built in messaging allows for the entire ticket details to be forwarded. Get full event visibility! Add notes, a bridge number or attachments to the event alert.
  • OnPage “Alert-Until-Read” ensures critical alert is never missed.
  • Follow the audit-trail to ensure a notification was read and replied to.
  • The fault-proof scheduler defaults to “always full” i.e. if a person is removed from an on-call shift by mistake with no replacement, the entire team will be alerted to ensure the alert is delivered.
  • Enable incident postmortem via the audit trail, the real-time reporting console and downloadable reports.

Download our white paper on 7 reasons for pager replacement