OnPage connects tickets to the right people, every time

MSPs using ConnectWise Manage need to ensure that all critical alerts reach the right person at the right time so that high priority incidents are resolved faster. With the OnPage + ConnectWise integration, alerts are triggered via a ConnectWise Manage ticket that meets configurable criteria (for example, a high priority incident) and is sent to incident responders’ OnPage smartphone app.

Real-time ticket and SLA updates

Tickets are automatically updated with all alerting activities. Incident responders can also update the status of a ticket with the simple click of a button on the OnPage app, eliminating the need to update information in multiple places and reducing human errors. Responders can indicate that the incident is:

  • “In Progress” – Acknowledge the incident and change the status of the ticket to “In Progress” indicating that they are working on the incident to resolve it.
  • “Closed” – Change the status of the ticket to signal that the incident has been resolved and that the responder can move on to the next ticket.

All updates to the original tickets are immediate and a thread of all replies from the OnPage app to the tickets are saved within the ticket, for a complete audit trail that makes the process of post-incident reporting and incident management more accurate and effective.


OnPage + ConnectWise Manage integration success story

Using OnPage together with ConnectWise, Michigan-based MSP Cygnus Systems Inc. has:

  • Seen business growth of over 25%
  • Improved response time to critical IT alerts from 30 minutes to 30 seconds
  • Reduced monthly costs by 75%.

Managed Service Providers are superheroes!

OnPage is perfect for managed service provider alert management. Be it adding alerts to monitoring tools based on pre-set triggers, adding escalation criteria, or managing the team, OnPage helps MSPs do it all!

OnPage’s solution is secure, reliable, and scalable. Alert-Until-Read with redundencies for extra essurance + Audit Trails and reporting means no more lost messages.

OnPage benefits:

  • “Alert-until-read” distinctive, loud notifications via a secure smartphone app, so alerts are not missed.
  • Alerts are routed via a flexible escalation workflow – if the first responder does not acknowledge the alert, it escalates to the next tech
  • Teams are in the know with real-time status updates on critical incidents
  • “Follow the sun” schedules for individuals or groups
  • Investment in ConnectWise Manage is maximized and teams manage incidents through a single platform