OnPage’s AWS CloudWatch integration enables CloudWatch to trigger OnPage high-priority, distinctive Alert-Until-Read notifications when it detects anomalies or critical cloud activities.

OnPage notifications are automatically escalated to on-call team members and audit trails can be generated for post-event analysis. The integration minimizes the time to identify and respond to incidents occurring in AWS resources or applications.

Follow the steps below to quickly set up the integration:

Amazon CloudWatch Notification Setup

Create SNS Topic

Go to Amazon SNS to create an SNS topic, OnPage is the recommended Topic Name.

CloudWatch Notification Setup

CloudWatch Notification Setup

Create SNS Subscription

  • Select OnPage as the Topic ARN and HTTPS as the Protocol
  • Copy and paste the OnPage subscription link as the Endpoint
  • Uncheck “Enable raw message delivery” and Create Subscription


Subscription link example: CloudWatch Notification Setup

Subscription Status

Validate that the Subscription Status is “Confirmed.”

CloudWatch Notification Setup

configure actions

In CloudWatch - Configure Actions

Create or modify CloudWatch alarms to your specific metrics or conditions. “TRIGGER ALARM,” “OK,” or “SUFFICIENT.” Select the newly created SNS OnPage Topic.

Create Alarm

Add Alarm Name, Preview and Create Alarm.

critical alerts

onpage notification trigger

Add OnPage Notification Triggers

Next, add OnPage Notification Triggers!

Set the Trigger Name, select OnPage notification recipients, create conditions and build the OnPage Notification Template.

“Very Reliable and Efficient Service”


OnPage is an easy and reliable service to use. At our company, OnPage quickly enabled us to set up alerts from our monitoring system (SolarWinds). Unlike text messaging, which is not very reliable and difficult to manage with team members in different countries, it was easy to have a global standard with OnPage. Also, there is more accountability now and we don’t have to hear excuses such as, “I did not get the message.” The OnPage audit report shows us if someone received an alert or not. We’ve also found OnPage’s alert escalation feature very useful.

-Osvaldo T.

Network Operations Manager


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