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On-call paging is a method of alerting on-call personnel to critical incidents and tasks that require immediate attention. These systems are used across several industries where designated individuals need to be available outside of working hours to respond to time-sensitive emergencies. Some of the key aspects of an on-call paging app include immediate alerting, escalation capabilities, digital scheduling functions, and post-incident reporting.

At a Glance | 4 Major Problems With Pagers

Antiquated Pagers Are Holding you Back …


4 major problems with pagers infographic: Old Infrastructure - Infrastructure supporting pagers is dying.Lacking Security - Pagers are insecure and can be easily hacked.Limited Range - Responders miss pages outside of specific grounds. No Attachments - Contextual files can't be included in a critical page.

On-call paging applications has come a long way and traditional pagers no longer cut it, especially with flaws like:

  • Dependency on an infrastructure that is on the verge of being sunset
  • Limited signal or range, preventing on-call responders from receiving pages outside of specific grounds
  • Lack of encryption and security
  • Inability to include contextual information on time-sensitive incidents

Unlike the ’90s, modern response teams require an intelligent solution that streamlines team communications during emergencies while providing persistent mobile alerting to enhance incident resolution.


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"Page" On-Call Teams with OnPage's Alerting Solution


OnPage’s on-call paging app includes the following features:

Configurable escalation policies
Two-way messaging with rich content and attachments
Override the silent switch on all devices
Contact sync
High and low, priority-based paging capabilities
One monthly fee covers unlimited global messaging
Secure, encrypted communication
Remote data wipe of sensitive information
Alert-until-read notification/”page” delivery

See a side-by-side comparison between OnPage, pager services, and email.

OnPage application showing the capabilities of OnPage's HIPAA-compliant messaging solutions including two-way secure communications, high-priority alerting, secure attachment delivery, on-call scheduling, role-based messaging, and audit trails/message confirmation receipts.

How These Industries Use OnPage's On-Call Paging App

Beyond On-Call Paging

OnPage goes beyond just being an on-call paging app!

Explore a comprehensive solution that incorporates on-call paging, digital scheduling, alert escalations, alerting redundancies, audit trail, and reporting.

Features and capabilities include:

On-call schedules for each team with unique escalation criteria for message routing
Ability to view your and your team’s schedule via the mobile application
Alert-until-read capabilities that ensure critical alerts are never missed
Fail-safe scheduler delivers alerts to the entire on-call team in the case of schedule gaps or misconfigurations
Live Call Routing
Ability to create exceptions to recurring on-call schedules
Post-incident reporting vis audit trails, real-time reporting console, and downloadable reports

IT person using OnPage smartphone application displaying many benefits including on-call digital scheduling, two-way secure messaging, editable escalation policies, schedule view on the mobile app, and high-priority alerting.

Continuous Industry Success

OnPage is a G2 Leader for incident alert management, consistently receiving recognition for high performance and user satisfaction.

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