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What is Resource Scheduling for Healthcare?

Resource scheduling for healthcare encompasses efficiently managing and allocating various resources in a healthcare setting, such as on-call medical staff (such as doctors, nurses, and technicians), equipment, beds, treatment rooms, patient appointment times, etc.

Applications for Resource Scheduling in Healthcare, such as OnPage, provide easy access to phone-based and web-based on-call schedules, schedule-based communication routing & automation, and schedule management capabilities facilitating operational efficiency and resource utilization.

Key features to look for include on-call reminders on the phone, schedule exceptions, native integration with CC&C applications for seamless interoperability, access to a web-based system for advanced scheduling, the ability to view schedules on the phone app, and integration with third-party scheduling systems. OnPage offers all of these capabilities, and more.

Benefits of Resource Scheduling for Healthcare

Optimize Your Healthcare Resource Scheduling with OnPage

On-call Staff Scheduling and Automation

OnPage’s on-call resource scheduling system simplifies the management of on-call rosters by digitizing the entire process. This ensures that the right personnel always receive critical notifications and communications promptly, reducing the administrative workload and eliminating scheduling errors.

By gaining highly targeted communication routing, healthcare providers no longer have to spend valuable time searching for on-call staff during emergencies, allowing them to focus on patient care.

By streamlining on-call scheduling, OnPage enhances the efficiency and reliability of responses during time-sensitive situations, ensuring that healthcare providers are quickly reached when needed most.

doctor getting an OnPage alert that reads "Request consult from on call nephrologist." the alert was routed to the right on call doctor based on the on-call schedule.

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Resource Schedules for Medical equipment

Optimized Resource Utilization: Maximize the utilization of medical equipment through OnPage’s scheduler, ensuring operational efficiency.

Real-time Visibility: Gain real-time visibility into the availability and usage of medical equipment, enabling timely adjustments to schedules during conflict.

Integration with Alerting: Notify care providers with reminders automatically when it’s their designated time to use medical equipment.

OnPage's digital on-call schedule showing how you can easily update on call schedules

Role-based Shift Assignment

Assign staff to shifts based on specific roles, eliminating the need to know individual names. This feature enables seamless communication by allowing providers/nurse to reach out directly to an on-call specialty or department, ensuring that the appropriate expert is contacted without delay.

OnPage digital schedule showing an on-call schedule for the cardio team. The cardiologist group has escalations, shown on the "Update Schedule" screen. This helps teams improve healthcare resource scheduling.

Featured On-Call Scheduler Capabilities

View Schedules on Phone

  • Access real-time on-call schedules for both yourself and/or your team on the OnPage mobile app.
  • Plan ahead – Scroll to any month/date to view your On-Call schedules.

Two mobile devices open to OnPage's clinical communication and collaboration application. Both are open to schedule view one is showing the user's personal on-call schedule and one is showing the entire team's schedules.

OnPage "Create New Schedule" screen showing where teams can delay notifications. The "Delay Notifications" option reads "This option will queue all sent messages during the scheduled window and at the end of the task, all message will be sent as low priority alerts to the group."

Delay Notifications

OnPage allows administrators to configure Delay Notifications on the on-call web management console. When a Delay Notification schedule is active, OnPage queues all messages that are sent during specified times or “delay hours.” These OnPage messages are only delivered to users at the end of the Delay Notification schedule.

On-Call Schedule Exceptions

On-call schedule exception comes in handy when a user needs to switch on-call times with another team member for a specific time frame or when a system administrator wants to make an exception to a recurring schedule for a date range. At the end of the schedule exception, the original schedule reverts to its initial setup.

OnPage digital on-call scheduler showing on-call schedule exception where a portion of an on-call shift is being covered by another colleague.

OnPage schedule change log showing all of the previous changes and updates to the on-call schedules.

Schedule Change Log

OnPage’s fail-safe scheduling system democratizes the schedule creation process, allowing authorized users to make changes to their schedule when life happens. The Schedule Change Log introduces accountability to the process and ensures that employees take ownership of their actions.

With the Schedule Change Log option, organizations gain complete visibility into all the changes made to on-call schedules. The report provides comprehensive information on who made scheduling changes with timestamps.

Tour the Fail-Safe Digital Scheduler

Discover how OnPage’s advanced, fail-proof digital scheduler enables organizations to distribute the workload evenly among scheduled, on-call team members.

Continuous Industry Success

OnPage is a G2 Leader for incident alert management, consistently receiving recognition for high performance and user satisfaction. Read more reviews!