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Dispatcher-to-provider communications refers to the vital exchange of urgent information from emergency dispatchers to healthcare providers. This is essential to efficiently manage and coordinate time-sensitive patient events. When the dispatcher receives critical patient information, they must assess the situation, gather as many details as possible, and swiftly deliver an OnPage alert via the web dispatcher to promptly mobilize care teams to the patient.

How OnPage Improves Dispatcher to Provider Communications




Deliver Messages Based on Priority

Dispatchers have the option to deliver alerts as high or low priority, enabling doctors to better prioritize their time. High-priority alerts bypass the silent switch on mobile devices to ensure that physicians immediately respond to urgent patient needs.

Doctor receiving high-priority alert from dispatcher

dispatcher viewing audit trail on the OnPage web app with confirmations including when the message was sent, delivered, and read.




Gain Audit Trail Visibility

View message audit trails that enable dispatchers to see when their message was sent, delivered, and received. This feature is crucial to improve transparency and ensure that physicians are receiving and reading critical messages promptly.




Select Individual Contacts or On-Call Roles

When sending a message, dispatchers can easily direct it to individuals or specific on-call roles and specialties. If necessary, they can be more selective and choose individuals from within a group.

dispatcher selecting contacts and on-call roles to deliver messages to via OnPage

Doctor receiving secure attachment on their mobile device from dispatcher on OnPage app

Securely Send Attachments

OnPage makes it easy for dispatchers to provide contextual information to their message recipients. They can securely attach images, documents, PDFs, etc. to critical messages so that physicians have a comprehensive understanding of the situation, enhancing the care decision-making process.

Downloadable Alert Templates for Effective Dispatcher to Provider Communications:

These templates can be used in a variety of time-sensitive situations to swiftly deliver critical information to relevant care teams and ensure patient safety. Download now:

healthcare alerting templates

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