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Missing CRITICAL Alerts Has Consequences

Critical Alerts need to be acknowledged. As an IT professional you have the responsibility to make sure that CRITICAL alerts are acknowledged immediately and not lost among the flood of email and SMS messages.

Other IT professionals like yourself may be checking every single email and SMS in order to make sure no CRITICAL alerts are missed.  Alerts should be elevated or separated from regular day to day messaging into a dedicated inbox with a continuous alert for each message arrival.

Missing a CRITICAL alert has consequences  such as:

X   Server downtime

X   Company downtime

X   Revenue loss

X   Reputation damage

X   Potential customer defections.

OnPage understands the need to prioritize your CRITICAL alerts so that you don’t have to continuously check your phone for messages.  OnPage sends the alert to your smartphone immediately and persistently until the alert has been acknowledged with a time stamped audit trail.  Join other IT professionals who chose OnPage to deliver their enterprise’s CRITICAL alerts.

Rest assured that when it is CRITICAL you don’t have to look for the message; it will find you immediately.

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