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50% Of Consumers Expect IoT & Wearables To Provide Full HealthIT Monitoring

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Consumers want technology to monitor every aspect of their life and Wearable Tech, IoT and all emerging technologies are working together towards such goal.

The question remains: Will this help or hurt providers’ efforts?

Nowadays consumers/patients could track their daily steps, caloric consumption/expenditure and sleep patterns but what if they tracked every aspect of their health? Would it aid in creating thorough medical records or would it clog NHS’s electronic health records with useless data?

The report examines consumer attitudes towards new technologies, including both present-day healthIT wearables and the advances, from body enhancement to human genetic modification, that lie in the near-future: 50% of US consumers favour digital devices that monitor “every aspect” of one’s physical health. In Europe, that number rises to 70% with nearly half already using at least one device, this indicating a growing acceptance for such wearables and apps.

“As technology changes every aspect of our lives, it’s given people around the world a greater awareness of their own well-being, and a new arsenal of tools to track and improve their health. At the same time, technology has opened a rich opportunity for brands in the healthIT, beauty and fitness spaces to truly become partners to consumers on their journey to wellness.

There is enormous potential for those brands able to help consumers make smart decisions about caring for and maximising the value of their most important asset: themselves.” said Andrew Benett, Global CEO of Havas Worldwide and Havas Creative Group in a press release.

Privacy remains a serious concern, however: More than 40% of participants said they are concerned their privacy or the loss of privacy that new healthIT monitoring technologies would bring.

On the other hand, a very interesting view on the emerging technologies in healthIT and their adoption is provided by the specialised staff (doctors, gp’s, nurses) that would eventually interpret and work with the patient’s data: “I get information from watching people’s body language, tics and tone of voice,” said Ted Cassidy, a London GP and a fervent healthIT advocate. “Subtleties you just can’t get from a Fitbit or some kind of healthIT apps.”



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