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Hospitals Concerned Over Privacy & Security

PwC Health Research Institute identified that the need for mobile security was one of the top ten issues hospitals will face in 2013. The report also found that 69% of the consumers surveyed said they were concerned about the privacy of their medical information if providers accessed it through their mobile devices.

The rise in mHealth over the years has given tremendous growth to Hospitals and Healthcare organizations worldwide.  With this advancement, comes the concern of privacy and security for patient health information. The ability to use smartphones has opened a lot of doors for hospital communication, however the organizations using this technology must not succumb to any applications or solutions that are not secure, and not HIPAA compliant.

Healthcare organizations can turn toward OnPage Priority Messaging for their communication needs.  OnPage is a secure, HIPAA compliant application that works on iOS, Android and Blackberry Devices.  The OnPage pager app turns your smartphone into your pager, thus eliminating other devices such as old, traditional pagers.  OnPage is fully HIPAA compliant, with secure, encrypted messaging, and audit trails. Hospitals and healthcare organizations around the world can utilize this application for their communication and be sure they are adhering to compliance, privacy and security guidelines.

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