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Presenting the world’s most advanced web dashboard for group or individual paging, monitoring response, analyzing and reporting.

Previously named Web Management Console, the OnPage Control System allows you to manage all your company’s communications easily and reliably. The system is unbelievably user friendly and intuitive, totally secure, and it allows you to be in complete control under all circumstances.

With The OnPage Control System You Can:

  • Send Messages from the office manager desktop and follow up with further instructions upon response
  • Send as many messages as you need in seconds and monitor their status in real time
  • Manage contact information for multiple users and groups
  • Create users in a unified way for easy access
  • Page an individual, group or escalation group
  • Define escalation groups to a list of individuals to ensure prompt response
  • Sync all OnPage contacts to all users’ devices
  • Survey all messages within your organization
  • Comply With HIPAA
  • Wipe messages remotely
  • Use redundancy messaging
  • Inspect trails with delivery and read confirmation
  • Administer roles and permissions
  • Rely on secure and encrypted communications.

OnPage’s Control System allows you to send messages alongside other available methods such as email, phone and application, all in an integrated manner. Your control system is hosted in an ultra-secure, HIPAA SAS 70 and SSAE 16 Compliant private cloud with 24×7 support and monitoring. As it is an autonomous cloud based application, no IT involvement is required for set up. Just use our secure login to access.

If you are already an OnPage customer, simply add the Web-based dashboard to your existing OnPage subscription package to gain all its extended management options.


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