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Did you know that to be in complete HIPAA compliance you must adhere to the six year document retention requirement for information related to PHI (protected health information) specified within HIPAA?

You may have thought that to be in compliance with HIPAA you only needed a messaging system with secure end to end encryption. This statement is not true. To be in complete HIPAA compliance you need to adhere to their archiving requirements and keep information related to PHI on record for at least six years.

Messaging solutions on the market today that claim to be HIPAA compliant do not adhere to this archiving requirement. Secure SMS text for example does not adhere to this requirement as there is no way to store or audit past information, whether the message was sent encrypted or not.

OnPage, a virtual pager application for smartphones has become an essential product for healthcare organizations due to its strict HIPAA Compliance and its adherence to all requirements. If you archive your messages with OnPage, you can assure that you are in compliance with any regulations in place and if you are subject to legal requests for information that may be traced through your messaging; you have the ability to find it.


Don’t risk a possible law suit, a $250,000 fine or a possible 10-year jail sentence. Use OnPage Priority Messaging and be 100% HIPAA Compliant!


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